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Badmington Re-Stringing


Ashaway Rally 21 Fire - White String

Thick gauge multifilament for abrasion resistance & extended string life  £19


Yonex BG-65 TI - White String

Ideal for hard hitters, maximum feel and durability £20


Yonex BG-66 Ultimax - Yellow String

Perfect balance speed, control & durability £21


Yonex BG80 Power - White String

Hard feeling, powerful string that holds tension for longer  £23


To use this service please purchase your string via the website and choose the collect in store option for delivery.  The racket must then be dropped off at the nominated collection point with the website order confirmation.  Your racket will then be collected, restrung and an email or text message will be sent when the racket is ready to collect from the same collection point.


Badminton Racket Re-Stringing

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