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Kookaburra Midnight Stick

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Kookaburra Midnight Hockey Stick

You'll have the opposition chasing shadows with the kookaburra Midnight hockey stick featuring a supreme balance of control, power and playability. Twin tube core construction with 50% Carbon, 10% Kevlar and 40% Fibreglass matrix with the special Soft Feel Resin for increased comfort makes this a stick that performs in many areas. Response, strength, power, feel and durability all play a part in making this stick play just as razor sharp as it looks.

The M-Bow shaft makes use of a more conventional location for the bow, placing the optimum point in the mid section of the shaft, enhancing ball control, 'sweep hitting' and drag flicking techniques, while also assisting in the full blooded 'strike'.

The maxi headshape offers increased surface area for more control on the reverse playing side resulting in increased dribbling capabilities, plus increased sweet spot for power and a shape that is perfect for the drag flick technique.

Construction: Twin tube core with 50% Carbon and 50% Fibreglass matrix

Shaft: M - Bow

Features: SFR, Skill Zone, Precision Edge

Head: Maxi

Grip: Pro Cushion

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